Our Current Research: the 'PIR' Study

'PIR' Study Inclusion Criteria for Physicians and other Providers

Healthcare Providers across the United States have suffered unrecoverable financial losses during the COVID-19 epidemic. We hypothesize that healthcare Providers experience losses for several reasons including due to state-ordered shutdowns. The study rationale also maintains that those Providers who deal with private insurance companies over the period are more likely to suffer claim denials and subsequent financial losses at a higher rate than before the COVID-19-related State actions adding to their financial distress.

Status: Recruiting

Eligibility Criteria:

If you are a healthcare Provider based anywhere in the United States who is eligible to submit claims to an insurance company on behalf of patients, you are also eligible to enroll in the 'PIR' study. The study will run for a period of one year. Your requirements to participate are:

  • 1 online questionnaire

  • Informed Consent Agreement

  • 4 months of financial statements (one month per quarter in 2020) submitted electronically

  • 1-15 minute interview with professional accounting firm and review of data

  • 1-15 minute exit Interview

To agree to participate in this study, please click on the 'Enroll Now' link below: